Congratulations to the Winners of the 2020 Mother&Baby Awards!

And that’s it the 26th Mother&Baby Awards are over for another year!

At the awards more than 500 parenting industry professionals gathered at the Westminster Park Plaza to celebrate. Sponsored by ASDA and George, it was one of the best evenings ever.

It was, as always, an amazing night celebrating how this profession makes a difference to mums lives every day with their innovative products. With laughs from Sally Phillips sharing her views on parenting and politics and stunning entertainment from our special guest!!  

View the full list of the very well deserving winners here!

Sally Saunders, editor of Mother&Baby magazine, said of the shortlisted companies; “I’ve been amazed this year by all the clever products that really do make mums’ and babies’ lives easier. The Mother&Baby awards are ALL about this reality. We don’t care if a concept looks good on paper, or sounds great on a press release, if it doesn’t work in the REAL world. And that’s why the Mother&Baby army of mums – and all their gorgeous babies too – have been seriously busy testing each and every product entered in this year’s awards, to find out how they perform in REAL life’’

This year we had over 3,700 testers - mums and their babies who signed up to put all the products through their paces and with their help we have some very worthy winners.

Details for this years 2021 Mother&Baby Awards:

  • Entries will open for this years awards in March 2020
  • All award entries must be completed online at www.motherandbabyawards.com by midnight Friday 8th May 2020
  • To qualify for the early bird discount at a cost of £250 + VAT you must have entered by Thursday 16th April 2020.  Entries after the 19th April will be a cost of £275 + VAT.
  • All products must be launched and available for consumers to purchase (this can be online only) before 30th June  2020.
  • All products entered before the entry date closes will be tested by parents who have volunteered to be testers through the Mother&Baby website.
  • The 2021 Awards ceremony will be held on the 24 November 2020, Westminster Bridge Park Plaza Hotel, London

Wishing you all another fantastic year.


Sally Saunders, Editor

P.S. Sponsorship opportunities for the 2021 awards are available, contact Reg Grundy on 01733 366414 or email Iain.grundy@bauermedia.co.uk to discuss further.