Testers will be reviewing your products both quantitatively and qualitatively. They will be asked to score your product out of 10 in the 4 following areas:

Usability, Design, Quality and Value for money.

The overall scores will be added up and these will then be averaged out to give you a final score across all 10 testers. You will need to provide 10 of your product for the testing process to be successful. This is how the shortlist is decided.

The testers are then asked to answer the following open-ended questions:

  • Why would you recommend this product to a friend?
  • How does it make your life easier?
  • Why would you pick this product over the other products on the market?
  • If you could change one thing what would it be and why?

These responses will then be used to pick the winner and will be used for product reviews on the Mother&Baby website.

The innovation category will be judged by the Mother&Baby team as well as 5 testers. These testers will still score the product as above but will then answer questions about why the product is innovative and different to anything else on the market.

If you have any queries about the testing process please contact the Testing Co-ordinator at



All the testing forms will be returned to Mother&Baby by mid-August. The judging panel will calculate the final score for each product based on the tester's comments and marks. The eight top-scoring products in each category will make it to the final shortlist. The shortlist will be announced on the in September 2020.


After the awards nights, you can request feedback from us on how your product performed during testing.  If you would like feedback on your product email