Q: Have I been shortlisted? 

A: The shortlist for all categories will be announced on 16th September 2019, via email and will be mentioned in Mother&Baby magazine, as well as published online. If your product has not been chosen then unfortunately it will not be included in the shortlist but you will still be welcome to attend the event. 

Q: We can't send out that many samples...

A: Please contact the Testing Co-ordinator on as soon as possible to advise what number of samples you can provide.

Q: When do we find out the results?

A: All winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony on Tuesday 26th November 2019. 

Q: We don't have the stock...

A: Please contact the Testing Co-ordinator on as soon as possible to advise her when your stock will arrive. 

Q: We haven't heard anything, where is my list of testers?

A: All products are matched to testers depending on when you entered. This process does take a long time so please bear with us, if you want to confirm where you are in the process please contact the Testing Co-ordinator on

Q: Should I ask for my products back? What do other companies do?

A: The majority of companies do not ask for their products back, however this does not mean you can't. If you wish to get your products returned please make sure you make this very clear to the tester on delivery. It is also your responsibility to arrange collection of your product at a time that is convenient to the tester. We will not get involved in getting your products back from testers.

Q: What happens to our products once they've been reviewed?

A: Once the tester has reviewed your product you may request to have it returned (assuming you have made this clear from the beginning) or gift it to the tester. If you decide to gift this to the tester, they will then own the product. We will not get involved in any dispute surrounding the product after the tester has reviewed this product.

If your question is not answered above please contact Charlotte on or the Testing Co-ordinator on